2022 Economic Census of Island Areas Nonresponse Follow-up Now in Final Phase


November 6, 2023

2022 Economic Census of Island Areas Nonresponse Follow-up Now in Final Phase

The U.S. Census Bureau has moved into the final phase of the nonresponse follow-up of the 2022 Economic Census of Island Areas. The cutoff date for receipt of mail submissions is November 17, 2023. As a reminder to all employers, response is required by law.

Employers in Guam that have not yet submitted their 2022 Economic Census have been sent a Certified Mail follow-up letter with instructions from the U.S. Census Bureau on how to respond electronically and how to get assistance.

“We thank the employers on Guam who have already completed their submission. We understand that some employers have been delayed in their completion due to Typhoon Mawar and Bolaven which impacted Guam during the Economic Census collection period,” said Guam Department of Labor Director David Dell’Isola.

In addition to the final Certified Mail request, Bureau of Labor Statistics staff will be contacting employers who have not yet responded by phone to assist with their Economic Census completion.”

The economic census report contains aggregate and industry level tables on number of establishments, sales, payroll, number of employees, size of firm, capital expenditures, and election district, as well as statistics on legal form of organization, and citizenship and gender of the owners. It also includes sales by type of business and class of customer.

Examples of data users include:

Small and large businesses use census statistics to develop business plans, identify business opportunities, define markets, assess competition, attract investment, manage sales, and evaluate efficiency.

Business organizations, industry professionals, economic analysts, and business reporters use census statistics to assess industry growth and change, prepare economic forecasts, define legislative priorities, and produce educational materials.

Federal and local agencies use census statistics to design economic development and regulatory programs, evaluate program effects, conduct trade negotiations, and prepare revenue and spending plans. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) uses the statistics to develop estimates of gross domestic product (GDP).

Final census results for Guam are expected to be released in June 2024. By completing the Economic Census, companies contribute to a wealth of valuable data that can help grow their business.

Results of the 2017 Guam Economic Census are online at http://bls.guam.gov/guam-economic-census/.

For more information, visit census.gov/econ or call the Guam Department of Labor at 671-475-7059.

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