Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

About Us

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a federally funded employment training program under the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL). The SCSEP is designed to be used in conjunction with other programs and services. These programs are provided by government and not-for-profit agencies to create holistic services that maximize goals and skills of SCSEP Participants to achieve their employment goals.

Program Goals

The overall goal of the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is to assist SCSEP Participants in developing skills to improve their employment prospects. SCSEP Participants will achieve this goal through a combination of work training experience and traditional training. Other resources are also available that will improve the SCSEP Participant’s ability to contribute to the community or to a private organization and ultimately find work. Many SCSEP Participants will find with these improved skills and experiences, they may obtain better employment. Furthermore, the sponsors of this program are excited about participation from individuals as well as organizations who offer a host of suggestions, support and services including resume writing and interviewing skills, basic computer skills, employment workshops, etc. These activities are designed to help SCSEP Participants meet their employment goals and:

  • Upgrade job skills for job placement
  • Provide added income during training
  • Promote community involvement
  • Provide the local program community with needed service
  • Help the mature worker find unsubsidized employment


To qualify for the SCSEP, Participants must meet certain initial requirements:


Applicant must be 55 years of age or older at the time of enrollment:

  • Participant age, which is used both for eligibility and the most-in-need measure, is now calculated from the eligibility determination date rather than the application date for any records entered after July 1, 2006; and
  • Documents is required. Acceptable documentation includes any of the following:
    1. Driver’s License;
    2. Federal, State or Local Government Identification Card;
    3. Birth Certificate;
    4. Passport.
    5. Guam I.D. (non-U.S. citizen, in compliance with P.L. 29-133)


Must have a family income of no more that 25% over the Federal poverty level. The income of an individual or of the family of which the individual is a member will not exceed the low income standards defined in 641.102 of the regulations and issued annually by the Department of Labor. In addition, a disabled person may be treated as a “family of one” for income eligibility purposes.


Each individual, upon initial enrollment, shall reside in Guam. The term “residence” shall mean an individual’s declared permanent dwelling place. No requirement pertaining to length of residency prior to enrollment shall be imposed.

  • A homeless individual is considered a resident of the state in which she/he is applying;
  • Documentation of residence is required. Residence is verified based on anyone of the following documents:
    1. Lease/Rental Agreement
    2. Home Utility Bill or other Billing statement providing documentation of residence or mailing address (if different than address on license or ID)
    3. Mayor’s Certification

Employment Status

Applicant must be currently unemployed – a signed self-attestation is required. The term “unemployed” used with respect to a person or individual, means an individual who is without a job and who wants and is available for work, including an individual who may have occasional employment that does not result in a constant source of income. Sec.518(a)(8) of the 2006OAA.

Employed on the date of participation is defined in the SCSEP Data Collection Handbook as one who, on the date participation occurs:

  • Did any work at all as a paid employee (except the individual is NOT considered employed if:
    1. He/she has received a notice of termination of employment or the employer has issued a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) or other notice that the facility or enterprise will close; or he/she is currently on active military duty and has been provided with a firm date of separation from military service);
    2. Did any work at all his/her own business, profession or farm;
    3. Work 15 hours or more as unpaid worker in an enterprise operated by a member of the family; or
    4. Was not working, but has a job or business from which he/she temporarily absent because of illness, bad weather, vacation, labor-management dispute, or personal reasons, whether or not paid by the employer for time off, and whether or not seeking another job.

Barrier to Employment

Applicant must have a barrier to employment. Applicant must need training or have poor employment history and must not be job ready. Employed applicants are presumed to be job-ready and thus ineligible for SCSEP. Whenever a participant had done any work within the last year or two of enrolling, whether it constitutes employment or not, there may be a question as to whether the applicant is job ready. A recent work history creates presumption that the applicant is job ready and thus does not need community service. This presumption may not apply if the participant has had only very limited work experience or if the applicant’s personal circumstances render him or her no longer job ready. Job-ready applicants must be determined ineligible and referred to the American Job Center.

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How to Get Started

To see if you are eligible for the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP):

  1. Register online at our HIREGUAM website.
  2. Visit the American Job Center or call to schedule an appointment.

The participant must comply with the regulations of the American Job Center and an attestation form from them must be presented to SCSEP’s office before they can be entertained by SCSEP’s Office representative.


Contact Us

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Dorothy G. Gutierrez
SCSEP Administrator
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