Work Sponsorship

Businesses private or public can become sponsors to provide hands on work experience opportunities to program participants.

Placement of program participants begins with an organization (government and non-government) agreeing to become a work sponsor.

Work sponsors partner with the American Job Center in administering work components through participation in three general programs:

  1. Work Experience that provides training to individuals in obtaining good work habits and gives them exposure to the world of work;
  2. Limited Internship that provide young adults (age 18-21) opportunities to learn a particular job skill in a field in which they are interested; and
  3. On-the-Job Training that develops individual’s technical skill in a career of their choice.

American Job Center will compensate 100% of wages for participant in work experience and limited internship programs and 50% of the participant’s wages for on-the-job training with the understanding that the work sponsor will retain participant (of either program) at the end of the training period. The American Job Center will review your requirement and make recommendations on what programs would best meet your needs.

The process of becoming a work sponsor starts with identifying positions to be developed and designating an onsite training provider (this is generally a supervisor) to work closely with the participant at developing their skills. Then submitting a Trainee Request Form to the American Job Center, this will result in scheduling an appointment to review the program requirements, conduct a pre-award, and initiate the agreements for placements.

The initial forms needed from you to begin the process are listed and available for download below.

The American Job Center is encouraged by your interest to become a work sponsor and look forward to communicating with you on developing Guam’s workforce.


Work Experience (WE) Activity

The work experience program is a short or part-time activity designed for participants who have never worked, or have not worked for an extended period of time. Participants will be exposed to the world of work and learn basic work readiness skills.

A participant’s training is a maximum of 480 hours at minimum wage. The participant will be compensated directly from the Government of Guam’s payroll system. Upon completion of this activity the participant will move into the next program activity as stated in their Career Strategy Plan.

On-the-Job Training (OJT) Activity

On-the-Job Training is designed for “clients” to be employed and productive while being trained by someone within your company. During this time you will be reimbursed for 50% of the employee’s payroll cost. The business must provide the same benefits to OJT trainees as to non-OJT employees. If the individuals successfully completes your company’s training program, then he or she becomes a regular member of your employee team.

Limited Internship (LI) Activity

Our limited internship program is open to candidates ages 16-21. The training period is a maximum of 480 hours at minimum wage. Your intern will be compensated directly from the Government of Guam’s payroll system. Training can be part-time (20 hours per week) or full-time (40 hours per week), depending on the individual’s school status.

If the individual successfully completes your company’s training program, he or she becomes a regular employee.


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