Dislocated Worker Program


You may be eligible for the Dislocated Worker Program if you are 18 years or older and find yourself in any of the following situations:

  • Have been terminated or laid-off from employment.
  • Were self-employed (to include a farmer, rancher or fisherman) but now are unemployed as a result of general economic conditions in the community in which the individual resides or because of natural disasters.
  • Are a displaced homemaker.
  • Are going through disrupted employment.

Program Components

On-the-Job Training (OJT) Activity

On-the-Job Training activity provides you the opportunity to be retrained for employment in a new field. You get paid while in training.

The OJT activity prepares you to learn the technical skills necessary to perform a specific job. Upon satisfactory completion of the training program, employers are expected to retain you as a regular employee.

You can learn the job skills for the following industries, and others:

  • Allied Health
  • Construction Trades
  • Business Technology
  • Service Industry
  • Education

Classroom Training (CRT) Activity

The Classroom Training activity provides you with the opportunity to enhance your education.

Here are some of the classroom training programs available to you:

  • Occupational Skills Training (Theory)
  • Certificate Program
  • Apprenticeship
  • Customized Training


There are many services available to support you as you seek employment. Job core services include basic information about our programs and other government programs made available for job seekers. Job training and support services help you obtain and keep a job.

  • Pre-Employment Enhancement
  • Training and Testing Workshop
  • Career Strategy Plan Development
  • Job Referral and Placement
  • Support Services
  • Police Court Clearance
  • Drug Testing for Employment
  • Professional Counseling
  • Tools needed for training
  • Other assistance needed as identified by the Case Manager during the Pre-Employment Enhancement Training and Testing Workshop

How to Get Started

To see if you are eligible for the Dislocated Worker Program:

  1. Register online at our HIREGUAM website.
  2. Visit the American Job Center or call to schedule an appointment.

Contact Us

For more information, contact our Programs administrator:

Theresa Camacho
Phone: (671) 300-4555
Email: theresa.camacho@nulldol.guam.gov