$1 Million in DUA Payments Batched; Claimants Urged to Respond to Inquiries


November 21, 2023

 $1 Million in DUA Payments Batched; Claimants Urged to Respond to Inquiries

The Guam Department of Labor (GDOL) mailed out a second batch of Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) benefits in the amount of $765,731 on Monday, while a third batch of DUA benefits in the amount of $294,966 has been sent to the Department of Administration for processing this week. Payments for the third batch could be expected by next week.

As GDOL continues to adjudicate DUA claims, claimants are reminded to submit all necessary documentation and to respond to all follow-up inquiries from GDOL to prevent delays in processing claims.

“We continue to run into several issues, many of which can be resolved with proper documentation or weekly filing of claims. We are urging claimants to please respond to our follow up calls, emails, and messages. If we can’t get in contact with you or verify your claim within an allotted time frame, DUA regulations will require us to deny your claim,” said GDOL Director David Dell’Isola.

Adjudicators may contact claimants to seek additional or very information, such as earnings or self-employment. Claimants may also be asked to fill out additional documents such as the Able and Available Form or Show Good Cause Form. It is important that these documents are completed and submitted to GDOL.


To check on the status of your DUA claim, log on to your HIREGUAM account and click on the “Claim Summary” section under “Unemployment Services.” A step-by-step guide on how to check on the status of your claim can be viewed on GDOL’s YouTube page or by visiting https://youtu.be/LU99_GTmDqs.


For inquiries about your DUA claim, contact the DUA Hotline at 671-479-5610/12. GDOL has added two additional hotline numbers for claimants to contact for inquiries: 671-479-5606 or 671-479-5618. You can also send an email to dua.hotline@nulldol.guam.gov.

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