Public (Government of Guam) Employee

What to Do in Case of a Work Injury/Illness

Employee must REPORT the accident immediately to his or her immediate supervisor regardless of whether or not the employee needs medical treatment. Employee will request Form GWC-201 Notice of Employee’s Injury/Illness or Death from his or her supervisor. Employee MUST report his or her work related injury IMMEDIATELY.

If employee needs immediate medical treatment, employee must obtain Form GWC-101A/B Authorization for Medical Examination and/or Medical Treatment from his or her supervisor. Employee’s supervisor will issue only the first (initial) authorization. All other (subsequent) authorizations will be issued by WCC. For autonomous agencies: All other (subsequent) authorizations will be issued by the agency’s WC Administrator or Safety Officer.

In case of an emergency situation, employee will proceed to the nearest medical center with or without the required form GWC-101A. Employee’s supervisor will follow with a signed form GWC-101A.

Employee will go to the GUAM MEMORIAL HOSPITAL AUTHORITY (GMHA) for the initial medical treatment pursuant to Title 17 Division 2 Chapter 10 §10107(b) unless otherwise authorized by WCC.

Any referrals after this initial treatment must be authorized by WCC – with the exception of the Guam Power Authority (GPA), Port Authority of Guam, Guam International Airport Authority (GIAA), and the Guam Housing & Urban Renewal Authority (GHURA) – these autonomous agencies do all their authorizations (unless there is a problem that would require WCC’s attention).

If employee obtains medical treatment without first requesting from his or her supervisor or WCC, employee may not be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket medical expenses. 22 GCA §9108. Employee SHOULD always obtain or request for authorization from WCC (except initial authorization) before receiving any medical treatment, unless injuries are such that emergency care is required.

Employee should ask for a completed copy of the GWC-Form 101B from the attending physician and submit the copy to WCC after treatment. Employee may attach the medical report from attending physician to the GWC-Form 101B.

If ANOTHER PERSON, who is neither a co-employee nor employer, is the cause of the accident in which employee sustained injuries, employee MUST file a Form GWC-203 Employee’s Claim for Compensation even if employee decides to file SUIT or recover against the other person or persons. Should employee win the lawsuit, WCC can subrogate against any settlement the employee received for WC benefits that were paid out to the employee.

WARNING: 22 GCA §9132 “Any person who willfully makes any false or misleading statement or representation for the purpose of obtaining any benefit or payment under this Title, or for the purpose of evading liability for any benefit or payment under this Title, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.”