Section 251 of the Continued Assistance to Unemployed Workers Act of 2020 requires the
Department to implement a reporting method for employers to report individuals who have refused work.


An employee who refuses recall to work or a bona fide job offer for suitable work
is considered to have refused work.

Refusal of work offer includes, but is not limited to:

(1) Refusal of a job offer made by an employer or by someone having authority to hire for the employer.  This includes recall of furloughed employees.

(2) After acceptance of a job offer made by an employer, claimant’s failure to report to work for that employer on the first scheduled day of work.

(c) Suitable work means work in the individual’s usual occupation or work for which the individual is reasonably fitted. In determining whether an individual is reasonably fitted for a particular job, the factors to consider are:

(1) The degree of risk involved to the claimant’s health, safety, and morals;
(2) The person’s physical fitness;
(3) The person’s prior training;
(4) The person’s experience;
(5) The person’s prior earnings;
(6) The length of the person’s unemployment;
(7) The person’s prospects for obtaining work in such their customary occupation;

Should an employer believe that a person refused work, as explained above, they may complete the REPORT FORM and email it to Should you need additional space, you may include and attachment. Please only submit one form per person (if you wish to report multiple persons).

DOL investigators will review the report and act in accordance with the law if a person is a claimant with the Guam PUA program. The employer may be contacted to clarify information on the form or to conduct additional fact finding.

Click here for the fillable PDF form.