Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA)


Under federal regulations, DUA applications may only be accepted beginning on the day that the Guam DOL announces, by way of a Press Release, that the application period has begun. Individuals will have 30 calendar days from the date of the press release to file an Initial Claim. Initial Claims filed after the 30 day period will be denied as late unless justified by good cause, as defined in federal regulations.

Federal guidance says:
Good cause must be determined on an individual basis. In general, when the state has publicly announced the availability of DUA assistance through appropriate news media as directed under 20 CFR, section 625.17, a reasonable basis on which to justify good cause due to ignorance of the program must be well documented.

WARNING: Do not attempt to file a Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) claim on Hireguam until after the application period is officially announced in the news media. ALL CLAIMS FILED EARLY WILL BE DENIED in accordance with federal rules.


Click the link below to access the DUA Benefits Rights Information handbook.
Disaster Unemployment Assistance Benefit Rights and Responsibilities Handbook


As we prepare for the announcement of the DUA application period, GDOL has prepared a form that employers may provide to their fully or partially unemployed workers to verify that the employee’s unemployment was due to Typhoon Mawar.

IMPORTANT: This form is a supporting document and is NOT the actual DUA claim. This form should be provided to the employee and should not be sent to the Department of Labor.

When applying for DUA on the hireguam system, the claimant (employee) will be asked to upload documents to support their claim. The claimant should scan their picture ID and this completed and signed form to whatever device that they will use to access hireguam (e.g. home computer, phone, tablet) and at the end of the claim filing process, they will be prompted to upload the form to their own hireguam account for consideration with their claim.

Please click the link below to access the fillable PDF form:
Employer’s Verification of Unemployment


Compact of Free Association (COFA) citizens are not eligible to receive Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) benefits unless they meet specific criteria as a Qualified Alien.  According to Federal policies, only U.S. Citizens, Non-Citizen Nationals, or Qualified Aliens (i.e., legal permanent residents or “green card” holders, refugee or asylum status, withholding of deportation, conditional entry, parole into the U.S. for at least 1 year for humanitarian purposes, Cuban-Haitian Entrant, or has a pending or approved petition for relief based on battery or extreme cruelty by a family member) may qualify for DUA benefits.  Read more here


This guide is provided to assist claimants in gathering information they will need to file a DUA claim for disaster unemployment directly caused by Typhoon Mawar. By using this guide, you will have prepared for questions that will be asked when completing your actual claim in the Hireguam system.
This form is not the DUA application and should not be turned in to Guam DOL.

Click here to see the guide.