August 2019

GEDA_ Companies should apply for H-2B- Guam PDN – 8-23-19

June 2019

Judge_ U.S. CIS hasn’t complied with H-2B visa order – KUAM – 6-25-19
Governor supports buildup due to China, NKorea risks – postguam- 6-26-19
Judge_ Sanctions against USCIS appropriate -postguam – 6-26-19

May 2019

Contractors may consider H-2B visa workers from Mexico- PDN- 5-7-19
Guam could look to Mexico for H-2B workforce – KUAM- 5-7-19
Recruit workers from Fiji, forum speaker proposes -postguam- 5-7-19
Trump-affiliated recruiter wants to bring Mexican workers to Guam -postguam- 5-7-19
Contractors have mixed feelings on sourcing H-2B visa workers from Mexico- PDN- 5-8-19

April 2019

355 H-2B workers from the Philippines approved _ PNC- 4-2-19
Adelup_ Feds approve 355 Philippine H-2B workers despite worker ban- Guam PDN- 4-2-19
USCIS approves 355 foreign workers for Guam – Guam Post- 4-2-19
Visas approved for more than 350 H2 workers – KUAM- 4-2-19
Visas approved for more than 350 H2 workers – KUAM- 4-3-19
Contractors argue for contempt order against USCIS -postguam- 4-30-19

March 2019

House panel vows H-2B help for Guam, CNMI- PDN- 3-1-19
Governor_ Military exemption could be solution to foreign labor problem- PDN- 3-20-19

February 2019

Governor to Congress_ 5 issues urgent -postguam- 2-27-19
A Reason for Everything- Guam Business Mag January-Feb 2019
Guam verifying federal data on H-2B overstays -postguam- 2-10-19
Labor appointee wants to focus on worker shortage crisis- postguam- 2-7-19
Private sector weighs-in on foreign labor ban – KUAM- 2-6-19
H-2B bans have far reaching impact, says Guam Contractors Association- PDN- 2-6-19
Dell’Isola returns to Department of Labor – KUAM- 2-1-19
Worker restrictions put construction at risk on Guam _ RNZ News- 2-1-19

January 2019

Guam needs more hotel rooms to support increased demand_ Denight-pdn- 1-29-19
RP consul hopeful diplomacy will resolve H-2B issue -postguam- 1-28-19
Delegate seeks solution to H-2B crisis – postguam- 1-26-19
New H-2B ban saddening, 5M Construction says- PDN- 1-24-19
Torres urges delegate to seek stability on H-2B- postguam- 1-24-19
Governor seeks exemption from worker ban -postguam- 1-24-19
Leon Guerrero Admin in contact with Trump Cabinet on Filipino labor holdup _ PNC -1-23-19
Chamber says H-2B cut could be ‘catastrophic to our economic dev – KUAM- 1-23-19
Chamber – H-2B rule change ‘could be catastrophic’ -postguam- 1-23-19
US removes Philippines from list of countries for new H-2B workers- PDN- 1-23-19
Labor ‘crisis’_ Civilian work projects could further stall – postguam- 1-23-19
DHS bans additional Filipino H-2 workers across the US – postguam- 1-22-19
Philippine consul general hopes for fruitful resolution for H2B – KUAM- 1-22-19
Philippine H-2B visa cut could delay Guam projects, hurt economy – KUAM- 1-22-19

November 2018

Guam contractors seek contempt order against USCIS -postguam- 11-3-18

October 2018

H-2B applications slow to rise- PDN – 10-7-18

August 2018

FY19 NDAA succeeds in Congress, now heads to Oval Office – PNC- 8-2-18

July 2018

Contractors could be getting more help – KUAM- 7-30-18
Presidential voting rights, more Guam labor control sought-PDN- 7-28-18
Compromise defense bill includes $448M for Guam -postguam- 7-28-18
Press Release – NMI US Workforce Act of 2018 now law -7-25-18
Navy medical team visits GRMC – postguam- 7-17-18
$240M military construction contract awarded to 5 Guam small businesses-postguam- 7-13-18
Revenue laws not bringing in new money yet- pdn – 7-11-18

June 2018

Calvo calls for skilled foreign workers provision – postguam- 6-30-18
Senate passes act to extend CW-1 foreign worker visa program for CNMI- postguam- 6-29-18
33 Guam-bound workers denied visas, but 76 H-2B workers now on island-PDN- 6-29-18
First batch of new H-2B workers arrives on Guam after nearly 3 years- PDN- 6-13-18
First batch of foreign labor workers now on Guam – KUAM- 6-13-18
First arrival of new foreign workers on H-2B visas in more than two years -postguam- 6-13-18
After nearly 2 years of denials, first set of H-2B workers arrive on Guam – PNC – 6-13-18
Bordallo updates members of Commerce Chamber -postguam- 6-1-18
Guam realtors mark 50 years of fair housing -postguam- 6-1-18

May 2018

House Passes FY19 NDAA, $377M in military spending for Guam -postguam- 5-25-18
House OKs $377M in military spending for Guam -postguam- 5-26-18
Low-income housing projects stall – postguam- 5-16-18
Guam businesses prepare for construction surge – KUAM- 5-18-18
Federal court won’t sanction agency for H2-B visa denials- PDN- 5-14-18
Judge denies sanctions against USCIS – postguam- 5-14-18
USCIS asks judge to reject sanctions -postguam- 5-1-18

April 2018

Contempt order sought for continued H-2B denials -postguam- 4-26-18
More Guam employers trying to re-hire H-B workers- postguam-4-9-18
Things are looking better, but we are not celebrating yet -Featured Columnists – postguam- 4-9-18
Class action granted in H-2B visa lawsuit – postguam- 4-3-18
Judge grants H-2B class-action certification- PDN- 4-2-18

March 2018

USCIS opposes class-action status sought in foreign labor case – postguam- 3-14-18
Opposing motions made in H-2B class action certification request- PDN- 3-22-18
Waiting game_ Feds expected to rule on H-2B petitions soon- PDN- 3-29-18
Calvo supports petition for 550 foreign workers -postguam- 3-29-18
Surge in foreign labor coming to Guam by 2019 – KUAM- 3-29-18
H-2 visa approvals resume -postguam- 3-31-18
Feds approve 162 H-2B workers for Guam- PDN- 3-30-18
First NDAA exempted H-2B workers approved -PNC-3-30-18
H-2b visas approved – KUAM- 3-30-18
Guam H-2B worker drought ending -Pacific Island Times- 3-30-18

February 2018

Federal government asks judge for clarification on H2-B petitions- PDN- 2-4-18
Visa petitions being accepted from H2-b workers – KUAM- 2-16-18
USCIS now accepting applications for H-2B buildup jobs -postguam- 2-18-18
USCIS now accepting H-2B petitions for military projects- 2-16-18
USCIS ‘will comply’ with court decision – postguam- 2-20-18
Billion-dollar construction contracts to open for competition – postguam- 2-23-18
Guam contractors optimistic about worker visa lawsuit- PDN- 2-22-18

January 2018

H-2B issues delaying local projects- PDN- 1-22-18
Chief judge orders that prior labor certifications remain valid – KUAM- 1-24-18
Contractors Association_ H-2B decision ‘a partial victory- postguam- 1-26-18
Judge rules in favor of employers on H-2B visas -postguam- 1-24-18
Judge grants preliminary injunction_ H2-B visa applications to be reprocessed -PNC – 1-24-18
H-2B ruling is a victory for Guam_ Our View- pdn – 1-24-18
Businesses score temporary victory in foreign labor lawsuit- pdn -1-25-18

December 2017

4,000 foreign workers authorized – postguam – 12-14-17
USCIS declines to make H-2B settlement offer – postguam – 12-14-17
Trump approves hiring of 4,000 foreign workers a year on Guam – postguam – 12-13-17
President signs NDAA – PNC – 12-13-17
Calvo_ buildup requires skilled local workers- KUAM – 12-12-17
No H-2B case settlement at this time- PDN- 12-13-17
Trump signs bill, OKs 4,000 H-2B workers- PDN – 12-13-17
Trump administration must take more action on H-2B issue -postguam- 12-21-17
Feds_ Guam’s foreign worker needs not temporary- PDN 12-23-17
OPINION_ H-2B issue shows lack of empathy for Guam residents- Marianas Variety- 12-26-17

November 2017

Calvo_Trump says H-2B issue will be resolved 11-5-17
Trump to Calvo_ H-2B crisis will be resolved -postguam- 11-5-17
Economist_ Military tensions will have repercussions on tourism -postguam- 11-8-17
Bordallo_ H-2B crisis fix for Guam in national defense bill- PDN- 11-10-17
On lifting H-2B ban, Pres. Trump orders COS to “get it done”- PNC 11-9-17
Hearing on H-2B case likely in early 2018 – PDN – 11-6-17
Governor still opposed to buildup -postguam- 11-14-17
Visa applications could stimulate upswing in island construction – KUAM- 11-16-17
Defense agreement opens door to H-2B petitions – postguam- 11-15-17

October 2017

Shortage Slows Mall & Judge req info on visa case- PDN 10-27-17
Hearing set for H2B lawsuit – KUAM- 10-26-17
Provisions for Guam in 2018 NDAA – KUAM – 10-26-17
Bordallo urges adoption of H-2B relief in defense act -postguam- 10-27-17
Labor shortage slows Tumon Bay Mall development- PDN- 10-26-17
Foreign labor numbers continue to drop- PDN- 10-6-17
Proposal offered for H-2B shortfall – 10-6-17
Partial solution for foreign labor hopefully in sight – KUAM- 10-5-17

September 2017

Governor Calvo calls for stop to military construction – PNC – 9-29-17
U.S. Senate proposes labor relief for Guam buildup- PDN 9-8-17
Governor_ Halt buildup construction – postguam – 9-30-17
Governor to US_ Stop the military buildup – 9-28-17
With Labor Shortage, build up not going to happen- Postguam- 9-21-17
Worker Crisis – PDN- 9-21-17
With only 82 H-2B workers left, Calvo slams feds- PDN- 9-21-17
Governor gets no comittment to lift H2-B Visa ban from U.S- PNC- 9-20-17
Calvo- With Labor Shortage, build up not going to happen- Postguam- 9-21-17
Calvo if changes don’t happen soon, buildup not gonna happen – KUAM 9-20-17
Marines getting new facility at Apra Harbor – KUAM – 9-20-17
Guam Business Mag- Construction article- Sept 2017
U.S. Senate proposes labor relief for Guam buildup- PDN – 9-8-17
Black Construction wins contract for Wake building- PDN- 9-7-17
3.7 Million Well project to prepare for build up – PDN- 9-5-17
Hawaii company to upgrade power at JRM – KUAM- 9-3-17
Alaskan business wins Guam contract – Postguam – 9-3-17

August 2017

Contractors dealt setback in foreign labor case- PDN-8-15-17
Employers face setback on foreign labor case -postguam- 8-16-17
Governor Calvo disappointed with recent opinion on H-2B- PNC- 8-16-17
Marine Corps Base Guam contract awarded for $164- PNC- 8-18-17
Lift H-2B restrictions because they jeopardize Guam military buildup- PDN – 8-18-17
Marine base project highlights drop in foreign labor on Guam- PDN- 8-19-17
Guam residents near military buildup site have mixed reactions to news- PDN – 8-19-17
222 move to Guam -postguam- 8-20-17
Governor, AG meet to weigh options on foreign labor shortage -postguam- 8-21-17
$41M contract to upgrade sewer system at Naval Base Guam- PDN- 8-22-17
Front Page_ Businesses Struggle as Foreign Labor Dwindles- PDN- 8-24-17
Guam businesses struggle as H-2B foreign workers dwindle- PDN 8-24-17
Marines concerned about H-2B Visa denials – PNC- 8-24-17
Guam contractor wins $78M military work – postguam- 8-25-17
NAVFAC awards construction for Northwest Field firing range – PNC- 8-25-17
Businesses_ Blanket H-2B denials not based on evidence PDN- 8-26-17
GCA objects to recommendations in H-2B case -postguam – 8-28-17

July 2017

H-2B visa issuance in other states to increase -Postguam- 7-3-17
Bill would fund ‘experts in federal litigation cases -Postguam- 7-5-17
Scheduling hearing set for H-2B lawsuit – Postguam- 7-9-17
H-2B class action motion delayed – PDN – 7-14-17
House passes $354M for military construction -Postguam – 7-17-17
H-2B numbers continue to drop -Postguam- 7-16-17
Court to decide on H-2B preliminary injunction in August -Postguam- 7-14-17
H-2B class action motion delayed- PDN – 7-15-17
Experts agree that H2B visa denials are biggest threat- KUAM – 7-18-17
Economist blames H-2B crisis on Saipan scandal -Postguam- 7-18-17
DOL- Defense projects in FY18 could increase construction PDN – 7-18-17
The Guamanian Magazine – H2-B Crisis – July 2017
DoD infrastructure partnerships continue in anticipation of buildup- PDN 7-19-17
Relocation of Okinawa Marines to Guam will proceed – KUAM- 7-22-17
H-2B Visa Lawsuit not Class action for now- postguam- 7-26-17
Judge delays key decision in labor lawsuit- PDN- 7-26-17

June 2017

Number of H-2 workers still dwindling – Postguam- 6-18-17
House Armed Services Moves $355M in Guam military const- PNC-6-30-17
2018 NDAA clears key committee – KUAM – 6-30-17
Military could spend $354M for Guam projects -Postguam- 6-30-17
Bordallo asks Homeland Security to help with H-2B crisis- PDN- 6-13-17
Bordallo raises H2B issues with DHS Assist – KUAM – 6-13-17
Economist-Guam on upswing despite labor shortage – Postguam 6-9-17
Return surge of Guam construction work inevitable, says economist – KUAM – 6-8-17

May 2017
April 2017

Military buildup projects not halted by H-2B denials – Postguam- 4-28-17
Attorney_ Guam may be singled out in H-2B battle- Postguam -4-27-17
Governor celebrates Trump exec order; talks H2B with federal officials- PNC – 4-27-17
Lawyer_ Feds may be singling out Guam on H-2B visa issue – PDN – 4-26-17
H2B approvals at 0 percent; only 139 workers left on Guam-PNC – 4-26-17
Economist_ Labor shortage, North Korea pose risks -Postguam -4-24-17
2,800 H-2B workers needed for buildup -postguam – 4-9-17
Calvo firm in opposition to buildup – postguam 4-12-17
Calvo retracts buildup support – postguam- 4-6-17
GAO-With no reliable schedule and risk planning for Guam up – KUAM – 4-7-17
Guam Chamber surprised with Gov-PNC – 4-7-17
Navy – One Guam approach still intact – PNC – 4-7-17
OUR VIEW – Feds’ H-2B visa policy threatens Guam buildup – PDN 4-8-17
Support or not, military buildup projects proceeding -postguam – 4-8-17

March 2017

Calvo talks H-2 labor issue with Feds – postguam – 3-2-17
OUR VIEW_ Stop rejecting almost all of Guam’s H-2B applications PDN 3-16-17
Worker shortage threatens construction – PDN 3-14-17
Worker shortage threatens construction industry, real estate- PDN 3-14-17
Military in talks with local contractors on project cost increases -postguam- 3-17-17
Real estate prices increase due to H-2B visa denials- PNC 3-16-17
Guam Realtors-H-2B crisis – Post- 3-20-17
H-2B lawsuit gains backing from realtors – postguam- 3-20-17
H2B visa denial lawsuit continues in US District Court – KUAM – 3-28-17
Rotary speaker 3-9-17 mtg- Realtors Assoc. H-2B Crisis mention- PNC- 3-10-17

January 2017

Foreign labor visa denials matter heard in federal court – KUAM 1-17-17
Labor lawsuit argued as Guam reaches ‘critical mass’ -postguam 1-17-17
H2B denials could shut down military buildup, judge says- PNC 1-17-17
Injunction, possible settlement considered in H-2B suit- pdn- 1-19-17
GCA discusses foreign labor issues – 1-19-17
Immigration lawyer warns cost of goods will go up because of H2B denials PNC 1-19-17
Settlement on the table in H-2B visa denials case -postguam- 1-20-17

December 2016

House OKs military pay raise, $170M in construction- PDN 12-5-16

November 2016

Judge sets date for H-2b denial matter – KUAM 11-22-16
Guam Contractors Association responds to U.S- PNC 11-18-16
Foreign labor defendants want single hearing – KUAM- 11-30-16

October 2016

GCA lawyer says battle has just begun – KUAM 10-28-16
US Attorney General wants judge to hold off on motion- KUAM -10-28-16
US Attorney General intends to ask court to dismiss H2B lawsuit – PNC 10-27-16

September 2016

Hundreds of H-2 workers to Leave- Post clipping 9-5-16
Hundreds of H-2 workers to leave this week -Post 9-5-16
Guam faces foreign labor shortage- PDN 9-12-16
Skilled workers will be in demand -Post 9-12-16
Calvo- Foreign work visa denials a major problem- PDN 9-15-16
Agencies-H-2 denials still a problem- Post 9-26-16
Labor shortage sparks growing concern- PDN 9-26-16

August 2016

Adelup Visa denials could create labor crisis PDN 8-24-16
No H-2s by 2017 – Post 8-25-16

July 2016

Visa denial lawsuit mulled – Post 7-13-16

June 2016

Fed Must fix visa worker slowdown- Post Editorial- 6-14-16

May 2016

No H-2 visa approvals -Post 5-10-16
Visa provision for NDAA to be considered -Post 5-13-16
Labor shift seen for construction-Post 5-27-16

March 2016

Bordallo Denied work visas impact buildup, GRMC- PDN 3-1-16
OUR VIEW_ Leaders must address rejections -PDN 3-1-16
Bordallo Takes Issue with Denied Visas-Post 3-5-16
Foreign workers critical to sustaining Guam’s Economy KUAM 3-10-16
80% of H2 visas denied by USCIS- Post- 3-15-16
Slowdown in foreign labor visa approvals -KUAM 3-16-15

February 2016

Higher rate of visa rejections and delays could affect build up- PDN 2-28-16