Bureau of Women’s Affairs (BWA)


The Bureau of Women’s Affairs (BWA) established by Public Law 21-23 in 1991, is all about working with young and adult women to promote their welfare, improve their working conditions, increase their efficiency, and advance their opportunities for profitable employment. It’s about knocking barriers and advocating opportunities for each family member, networking and community engagements with private and public agencies for the critical assistance each woman and child may need.

In 2009, Governor Felix P. Camacho signed Executive Order No. 88-14, placing the Bureau of Women’s Affairs under the supervision of the Guam Department of Labor. And by late December 2009, BWA was aligned with WIA Guam’s Workforce Strategic Plan of Work 4E: Technical and Workforce Support for Women and minority Groups (disadvantaged, disabled).


  1. To mainstream the female gender through capacity building by improving the status and quality of life of women and children.
  2. To be involved in all matters relating to the total well-being and development of Guam children. It is to give visibility to children, coordinate activities, monitor progress and promote a comprehensive and integrated agenda for the realization of children’s rights and abuses.
  3. To integrate and enable socially/physically disadvantaged women and children to live up to their full potentials through education and training.
  4. To participate in the development/promotion of social policies and functional social services for women and children.


To build a well-integrated society with equal opportunities for all women and children, where all forms of discriminatory practices and inaccessibilities based on gender and disability are eradicated.


  1. Women and Poverty (employment, housing and childcare).
  2. Education and Training.
  3. Women in power and decision making.
  4. Advancement of Women
  5. Violence Against Women
  6. Women and Health

Contact Us

414 West Soledad Avenue
4th Floor, GCIC Building
Hagatna, GU 96910

Mailing Address
Guam Department of Labor
Bureau of Women’s Affairs (BWA)
P.O. Box 9970
Tamuning, GU 96931

Ruth Leon Guerrero
BWA Administrator
Phone: (671) 475-7122
Fax: (671) 475-6811
Email: ruth.leonguerrero@nulldol.guam.gov