2016 H-2B Visa Situation

“February 2016”

Higher rate of visa rejections and delays could affect build up- PDN 2-28-16

“March 2016”

Bordallo Denied work visas impact buildup, GRMC- PDN 3-1-16
OUR VIEW_ Leaders must address rejections -PDN 3-1-16
Bordallo Takes Issue with Denied Visas-Post 3-5-16
Foreign workers critical to sustaining Guam’s Economy KUAM 3-10-16
80% of H2 visas denied by USCIS- Post- 3-15-16
Slowdown in foreign labor visa approvals -KUAM 3-16-15

“May 2016”

No H-2 visa approvals -Post 5-10-16
Visa provision for NDAA to be considered -Post 5-13-16
Labor shift seen for construction-Post 5-27-16

“June 2016”

Fed Must fix visa worker slowdown- Post Editorial- 6-14-16

“July 2016”

Visa denial lawsuit mulled – Post 7-13-16

“August 2016”

Adelup Visa denials could create labor crisis PDN 8-24-16
No H-2s by 2017 – Post 8-25-16

“September 2016”

Hundreds of H-2 workers to Leave- Post clipping 9-5-16
Hundreds of H-2 workers to leave this week -Post 9-5-16
Guam faces foreign labor shortage- PDN 9-12-16
Skilled workers will be in demand -Post 9-12-16
Calvo- Foreign work visa denials a major problem- PDN 9-15-16
Agencies-H-2 denials still a problem- Post 9-26-16
Labor shortage sparks growing concern- PDN 9-26-16

“October 2016”
“November 2016”
“December 2016”
“January 2017”