Administration and enforcement of labor laws concerning wages, work hours, equal employment opportunity, and the employment of H-2B workers in Guam.

Safety and Health

Compensation for injury, disability, or death to employees arising out of and in the course of their employment. Occupational safety and health administration and consultation.


Labor market information, current employment reports, industry and occupation projections, occupational safety and health statistics, and more.

American Job Center Guam

The American Job Center (AJC) is Guam's central facility for employment, training, and related services. We provide job seekers, students, and businesses access to a convenient, reliable, and up-to-date broad range of coordinated employment, training and educational service, program information and resources.


HIREGUAM is the official job bank for the island of Guam. It is the American Job Center's free online service for job seekers, students, and businesses. This type of service means you can partake in a multitude of services from anywhere on the island using a computer.